Time to Start Thinking About Summer

It’s hard to start thinking about summer and bathing suits already, but if you want to be ready, now is the time to start planning and doing.If you’re considering finally taking that leap and getting that mommy makeover or breast implants, then you have to consider how long the plastic surgery process will take from consultation to surgery, recovery, and time until the final results are evident. Assuming you want to be ready for the summer, here is a sort of timeline of procedures to get you bikini ready.


A woman in a bathing suit and sunglasses at the beach

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. There is little downtime, little risk, and lots of reward, but the results are not instantaneous. When liposuction is performed, the tissues are infused with a lot of fluid. This helps with bruising, blood loss, and general contour. However, the tissues swell from the fluid and from the procedure itself. A day or two after liposuction you may look great; then you will probably swell. It’s usually not so much that you look larger than you did before but rather hard to tell that you had anything done. At six weeks you may start to notice your clothes fitting differently and start noticing changes in your appearance. It generally takes at least three months before you see the final results. So, liposuction should be done at least three to four months from the time you need to be recovered.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is another procedure that has a rather short initial recovery but rather long period until you see the final results. Usually, patients are out of work (desk jobs) for two weeks. There is a period of two to three months where the abdominal tissue will swell a bit at the end of the day. Spanx or other compression garments can conceal this, but who wants to wear Spanx at the beach? The other consideration is the recovery from the muscle repair; with most tummy tucks this is six to eight weeks with no heavy core activity. So, water skiing, jet skiing, etc., might be difficult even if you look fabulous. Summer timeline for tummy tucks: March to May.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most flexible plastic surgery procedures on the summer timeline. Usually, a weekend recovery, or at most one to two weeks, is all that’s required. So, this can be done a week or two before vacation. If traveling a long distance, its always good to leave adequate time for recovery and healing. Other breast procedures, such as lifts and reductions, are also rather short in recovery time, and results are seen fairly soon after surgery, although the scars will take a full year to fully fade/mature. Breast procedures are year round on the summer timeline, as recovery and results can be very quick.

No matter your aesthetic goals for this summer or beyond, the first step is always a consultation at my office. Get in contact today to start this process, and together we can create a personalized timeline to fit your goals.