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We have finally received the outer and inner thigh CoolSculpt applicator! Bye-Bye Saddle Bags! Call for a consult!

iAugment iPhone App

From Dr. Kinsley comes the amazing iPhone app that performs an instant virtual breast augmentation privately and, most importantly, for free! It allows you to see which breast implant sizing options may be right for you before your initial consultation. Along with the information provided on our site, this app will arm you with as much knowledge about your procedure as possible- all before you even walk through our door!

Envision Implants

Due to the clinical success of the Envision Implants Sizing System, Dr. Kinsley’s patent and the Envision Implants brand are now integrated into the Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit offered by breast implant manufacturer Allergan.
The Envision Breast Implant Sizing System contains the tools you need to help you make the second most important decision about your breast augmentation surgery (the choice of your surgeon being the number one decision).

  • “Tester implants” in four of the most popular sizes
  • A Breast Sizing Ruler to help you find a “starting point” for which implant size might be best
  • A booklet written by Dr. Kinsley that will answer many of your questions about breast augmentation
  • An instructional DVD that shows you how to use the Envision System
  • Some “before and after” photos of women who have had breast implant surgery

An “Envision Bra” is a perfect way to use your “tester implants”.

Elizabeth Kinsley, MD Speaks of the Benefits of Botox with ABC 26

ABC’s show “Beauty Breakthroughs with Cat” aired a special on Botox Cosmetic® featuring board certified plastic surgeon, Elizabeth Kinsley, MD. The video below features Dr. Kinsley performing a Botox procedure on a patient.

Botox Cosmetic® is a non-surgical method of treating facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin, or Botox Cosmetic®, works by weakening the muscles of facial expression. Once the resting tone of the treated muscles are weakened, the pull of the muscles relax and the overlying skin flattens. This approach is different than the other local treatments for the aging face.

The specific risks and the suitability of Botox Cosmetic® for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

Dr. Kinsley Among Northshore’s Best

Dr. Kinsley Honored as One of The Northshore’s Best in 2011

Elizabeth Kinsley MD, a New Orleans area plastic surgeon, was recently honored by Sophisticated Woman magazine as one of The Northshore’s Best Professionals in 2011. The honor is bestowed via online ballot and reflective of individual and patient opinions of professionals that perform breast augmentation and other forms of plastic surgery. New Orleans is home to many talented and professional board-certified physicians. So, the honor is particularly special to Dr. Kinsley as she won in 2010 as well.

Sophisticated Woman is a monthly magazine that showcases professional and community women for outstanding service or public appreciation. The Northshore’s Best is an annual guide to favorite local services, professional people, sports, leisure, and places to shop, as nominated by their readers. The yearly publication has been published since 2006 and serves as a fantastic local resource for individuals seeking local businesses and services.

Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley is a board-certified plastic surgeon. New Orleans patients enjoy a comfortable and supportive environment and benefit from her years of experience in helping women achieve the look they desire. She and her team of friendly professionals work hard to ensure you receive the best possible care with optimal results. For more information about the services provided by Dr. Kinsley’s office, please visit to learn more.