Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision Surgery for Residents in and Around Mandeville, LA

Many women consider breast implant revision surgery either to achieve their desired appearance or to ensure their breast health. If you’re considering this surgery, you can discuss your options with Elizabeth A. Kinsley, M.D.

Reasons to consider breast implant revision surgery:

  • Profound body changes with pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
  • Deflation or calcification of breast implant
  • Initial procedure does not achieve desired result
    • Incorrect size and shape, any asymmetry or deformity, or combination of issue


The best candidates for this procedure are healthy women who are dealing with any one of these aesthetic or health-related issues. During your consultation, we will talk about your new goals and expectations. If you did not work with us for your initial procedure, we will review the results in detail, understanding your previous plan, implant details, and lifestyle changes after recovery. We’ll also discuss your medical history and current health. From there, we will take photographs for planning as well as schedule mammograms to monitor breast health.

Procedure Information:

  • Work together to decide the details of your surgical plan
  • For most patients, it is recommended that breast lift surgery is included in their revision plan.
  • Procedure performed under general anesthesia
    • Medications will be administered for your added comfort
  • Incisions made along the original scars
    • New incisions may be made for more complete access to the chest during surgery
  • Remove, replace, or reposition your implants and close incisions
  • This is an outpatient procedure
  • Bed rest is recommended for a few days for optimal results and to shorten overall recovery period.


Get Started Today

To learn more about our approach to breast implant revision surgery, contact New Orleans plastic surgeon, Elizabeth A. Kinsley, M.D. for a free consultation. After meeting with you, we’ll provide you with a quote for your selected procedure. We can also discuss financing with CareCredit.