Natrelle Breast Implants in Mandeville, LA

Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit – A Scientific Breast Implant Sizing System

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Many women find the Natrelle Pre-Consultation kit a helpful tool in thinking about their desired breast size before they meet with Dr. Kinsley and her staff at their initial consultation.

“How Will Bigger Breasts Look On Me?”

That’s a question most women would love the answer to. If you’ve ever had to stuff up your brassiere with tissue or use pantyhose filled with rice to see how you’d look with a curvier bust, you’ll appreciate what the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit can do for you.

Based on the original concept by Elizabeth Kinsley, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Mandeville, LA., the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit allows women seeking answers about breast augmentation, to test-drive their desire of a fuller, more attractive figure using scientifically-designed sizing products.

The kit includes implants, a sizing bra and educational products that will help you try out your ideal look in a scientific manner and with a great degree of accuracy, right in the comfort of your own home.

“After trying on the implants and seeing themselves with a totally different look, many women who said they never considered augmentation changed their minds,” observes Dr. Kinsley, who also prepared the Natrelle® educational DVDs and is now a consultant and spokesperson for Allergan and the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit.

“How Big Should I Go?”

Size does matter, especially for women considering breast augmentation surgery. It’s no wonder they obsess about this crucial question wondering how much is “too big” or “too small”. Many resort to some form of home testing using arbitrary and inaccurate ways such as the rice test.

The Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit takes the guesswork out of breast implant sizing, and helps you test out various aesthetic options without having to ever leave your home.

Imagine going about your daily tasks wearing the implants and sizing bra. Not only would you be able to get a more accurate idea of how a heavier bust would feel, you’d even be able to see how other people in your life react to your “new look”.

So whether you’re just curious about breast augmentation or are already excited by the idea of getting a curvier, feminine figure, the Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit will help you go in for your consultation with a better idea of how you want to look, and what size of implant you desire.

“The Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit is simply a tool to prepare women for the consultation and the surgery itself, providing reassurance and answering many of the questions they may have,” notes Dr. Kinsley. And should you decide that breast augmentation is not for you, you’ll have only spent the money for the kit, as opposed to spending almost three times as much for a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon.

Available for just $39.99, the kit is an economical way to find out if breast augmentation is right for you. When you go to and order your kit, you’ll also get about $170 in rebates on some of Allergan’s popular cosmetic products, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVEDERM®, and LATISSE, as well as $50 in savings on Natrelle® gel implants.

Don’t let your dreams of a more attractive figure perish, when it’s so easy to order your Natrelle® Pre-Consultation Kit online. Grab this unique opportunity to find out how breast augmentation can enhance your looks and self-confidence.