Breast Lift Procedures in Mandeville, LA

Your skin can lose elasticity over the years with the influence of factors such as aging, pregnancy, weight loss and breast-feeding. One of the unfortunate side effects of this decline in elasticity can be sagging or drooping breasts. Luckily, a simple breast lift procedure can remedy this problem, and return your breasts to an ideal position. For patients who are happy with the current size of their breasts, this surgery can be performed alone to restore perkiness and volume; for patients undergoing augmentation surgery, a concomitant lift procedure can produce stunning improvements in size, shape and position.

How Do I Know If I’m a Candidate?

You may be a candidate for a breast lift if:

  • Your breasts are pendulous or sagging
  • Your breasts’ firmness has decreased
  • Your nipples point downward and/or droop below the crease of the breast

Many women also experience asymmetry in their breasts; one may appear differently positioned or their sizes may vary dramatically. We can make a wide variety of adjustments, either with implants or without, to improve the appearance of your breasts and help you feel comfortable in your own skin once more.

Your Consultation

When you come into the office for your free consultation we’ll take exact measurements of your breasts. We will complete a thorough examination of factors such as breast size and shape, nipple placement, areola width, skin elasticity and more. We may take some pictures for your medical records. We’ll go through your entire medical history, including any drug allergies, medical issues, previous treatments and current medications. Please come prepared to provide complete and accurate information, as this will give us the best ground to go on to get you the results you want. A quote will be provided at the end of your initial appointment.

The Procedure

During your breast lift, Dr. Kinsley will create an incision around the crease of the breast and around the areola (the area surrounding the nipples). Then, the excess skin will be removed and the nipple will be moved to a higher location on the surface of the breast. Using fine stitches, Dr. Kinsley will then expertly position and align the remaining skin, tightening everything up to create a shape that’s higher, firmer and more aesthetically pleasing. Skin that was formerly above the areola, for example, may be brought down and together in order to create the most attractive shape.

We’ll take the greatest care in preserving this sensitive area, allowing you to retain full sensation as well as the ability to breastfeed. In some cases, we may eschew the horizontal incision below the breast, which can result in an unsightly scar, in favor of a “crescent” shape that’s much less noticeable.

When this procedure is performed in conjunction with breast augmentation, the lift step of the process is generally performed after the insertion of the implants. This will result in not only increased size of your breasts, but natural positioning as well.


As with many of the aesthetic procedures we provide, we recommend that you take a few weeks to limit activity and recuperate in a calm environment. While you may return to work within a week after the surgery, physically exerting tasks such as heavy lifting should be avoided for at least four to six weeks. We also may have you wear a special bra or dressing for a few days to keep everything in place and support the sutured areas as they knit together. If you smoke, try to quit or at least cut back for a few days, as smoking can inhibit blood flow and cause problems with the healing process.

Post-surgical side effects are extremely rare, and mostly involve excess bleeding, scarring or infection. Stay away from products containing aspirin, as this can thin the blood and increase risk of heavy bleeding. If you notice unusual swelling, pain, warmth around the site, discharge or other signs of infection, contact us right away.

Our expert medical team in Mandeville makes it easy for you to investigate the possibility of a breast lift. If you’re dissatisfied with your figure, don’t wait around: our top-notch staff can schedule a free initial appointment to discuss your candidacy for this procedure. We’re proud to provide financing through CareCredit, so you have options no matter what your situation! Contact our office today at 866.625.6827.