3 Big Myths about Your Cellulite Treatment Options

Cellulite Treatment Image - Elizabeth A. Kinsley, MD


While it’s not exactly attractive, cellulite is a completely normal condition that affects most women and some men. It’s no different than any other type of fat, except that it appears to be bumpy or puckered because it pushes up against connective tissue under the skin. Although not harmful, there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding cellulite treatment that Dr. Kinsley would like to address so patients can better understand their treatment options.

Myth 1: Only overweight people have cellulite.

Reality: The majority of women have these fat cells somewhere on their body, no matter their weight or body type.

Myth 2: Lotions and creams can help improve the appearance of affected skin.

Reality: Don’t give in to beauty products that make over-the-top claims or promise miracle cures. Prescription-strength retinol is the only topical product that seems to improve the skin, thickening it over time. But even retinol isn’t a miracle cure, so don’t trust any of those products that claim to tighten skin with caffeine, antioxidants, or other ingredients.

Myth 3: You can spot-treat fat cells by doing exercises that target certain parts of the body.

Reality: The body burns fat at the same rate all over the body, so doing extra exercise on those parts affected by cellulite won’t eliminate it any faster.

Celfina is the only FDA-approved cellulite treatment removal procedure that targets the problem at its roots: the fibrous bands that tether the fat to create the dimples. An outpatient procedure that lasts 45 minutes, Celfina uses a needle-sized device to relieve the tension in the collagen bands that sit below the skin’s surface. Results from Celfina are typically seen within three days.

To learn more about the causes of cellulite and the Celfina cellulite treatment plan, call Dr. Kinsley today to schedule an appointment. We will also discuss the financing plans we offer.