Male Cosmetic Procedures

Man in a white t-shirtAlthough my practice is made predominantly of female patients, many men also seek cosmetic enhancements. Popular male cosmetic procedures range from injectables, like Botox and fillers, to non-invasive therapies, like Coolsculpting and Ultherapy, to more intensive surgical procedures.


For men, a little Botox in the glabellar (the area between the eyebrows) and the crows feet is all that’s needed. Younger men frequently request Botox in the forehead lines, as well. When using Botox or other similar agents (Xeomin, Dysport, etc.), more is not always better. No one wants to see a guy with a Nicole Kidman frozen face, so a subtle approach is often used.


Like women, men tend to lose volume in their faces as they age. This can be replaced using a number of fillers, such as Juvederm, Voluma, and Radiesse. Fillers for men are most commonly used to restore volume in the cheeks and to lessen nasolabial folds. Another great use for fillers, in both men and women, is in the tear trough. As we age, the cheeks sag a bit, and the lower eyelid becomes more distinct from the cheek. Fillers can be used along the lower margin of the lower cheek to camouflage under eye bags and deep tear troughs for a more youthful look.


Coolsculpting has become our go-to technology for guys who have a few problem areas of stubborn fat, such as love handles. The treatments are fast, noninvasive, comfortable, and offer results similar to traditional liposuction in one treatment. The ideal patient is someone close to his ideal body weight with small problems areas.


Ultherapy is known as the nonsurgical facelift. This in-office procedure is used to tighten loose skin, typically in the lower face and neck. The brow area is also popular for male cosmetic procedures, as tightening in this area tends to open the eyes a bit, without an “operated” look (think Burt Reynolds). There are also a wide variety of laser treatments for any number of skin conditions.


Finally, there are numerous options for surgical procedures. The most common is liposuction, as it offers a quick and easy recovery. Abdominoplasty, as well as thigh, arm, and breast lifts, are common after massive weight loss for both men and women. Facial procedures such as facelifts and eyelid surgeries are also available. Some implants are also unique to male cosmetic procedures, such as pectoral, rectus (abs), and calf implants.

Almost all of these male cosmetic procedures are done on an outpatient basis, allowing men to return to regular activity within a few days to a week.